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Welcome to the WOKH Radio Archive.   Programs are sorted with the most recent post on top

December 1, 2023
"Family Barbeque is a new business to the area and new member of the Bardstown Nelson County Chamber of Commerce.  Paula Eads was in the studio Thursday (11/30) and talked about how Family Barbeque is happy to finally be in Bardstown."
Paula Eads 113023
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November 22, 2023
"Pete and his son James Trzop, a student at Nelson County High School are having a fundraiser for Veterans and their spouses in local Nursing Homes.  They are collecting gifts like socks, blankets, games, etc for members of local nursing homes for the Holidays!  If anyone would like to go shopping to get some items or make a monetary donation, you can text WOKH at 502-349-9347 and we will put you in touch with the Fundraiser!  Here's what they had to say ..." 
Veteran NH fundraiser 112223
00:00 / 10:48
Park in the Fall
November 21,2023
"Steven Portman from the Bardstown Parks and Recreation Dept had some updates on the programs and trails this morning ... "
Steven Portman 112123
00:00 / 04:17
November 21,2023
"Danielle Hagler from the Nelson County Extension Office had some great Thanksgiving advice, good tips and stories!  Look for websites on their FB page."
Danielle Hagler 112123
00:00 / 14:42
November 16, 2023
"Randi Mouser (Mainstreet Bardstown) and Lisa Thomas (Bardstown Nelson County Chamber of Commerce) dropped by the studio with details of Light Up Bardstown and some amazing news about Shop Local 'Round Bardstown!  "
Randi & Lisa-revised 111623
00:00 / 11:15
November 16, 2023
" It's the time of year for giving, Anita Westrup from the Salvation Army is getting ready to kick off this year's Red Kettle Campaign ... "
Anita Westrup-revised 111623
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November 8, 2023
"It was Bernheim Time Tuesday, so Mr Dan was in the studio to talk about the success of last weekend's Colorfest.  We also heard about 'the Birds and the Bees' or is it 'the Bees and the Birds'? Hmmm ...."
Mr Dan 110823
00:00 / 13:17
November 7, 2023
"Julia wasn't able to make it in for this week's Sustainable Solutions.  Instead, she sent in Sister Susan Gatz, SCN and Carolyn Cromer, Dir of Ecological Sustainability @ Nazareth"
Sustainable Solutions 110823
00:00 / 12:20
November 7, 2023
"Carol Avis with the Salvation Army, was in to talk about this year's launch of the Angel Tree Program ... "
Carol Avis 110623-revised
00:00 / 10:29
November 3, 2023
"Heather Nelson of Barktown Rescue was in to talk about a very UNIQUE Raffle that would both benefit Barktown and make a fan of Heaven Hill Bourbon very happy ... IF they win!"
Heather BR 110323
00:00 / 04:49
November 2, 2023
"Shari "Sookie" Stackhouse was in this (Thurs 11/02) morning with some updates.  The Fall Yardsale was a success, and starting this Sunday everyone will be able to get pictures of their furbabies taken with Santa!"
Shari Stackhouse 110223
00:00 / 08:24
October 26, 2023
"Randi Mouser, Executive Dir of Bardstown Mainstreet, was in to talk about the Halloween Spooktacular coming up this Friday (10/27/23) ... "
Randi M Spooktacular 2023
00:00 / 06:09
October 25, 2023
"Jenna Wilson from CASA of Lincoln Trail was in the studio this week to tell us what Halloween activities you might see their volunteers at!"
Jenna Wilson-edited 102323
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October 19, 2023
"Washington County High School Senior Andrea Cooksey was in to talk with Heidi about the many opportunities she's been given through 4-H ... "
Andrea Cooksey 4H 101823
00:00 / 07:59
October 16, 2023
"Johnny Warren of the Stephen Foster Story was in to talk about the upcoming Bardstown Craft Beer Festival.  He says there should be a flavor for everyone's taste ... "
Craft Beer Fest w JW 101623
00:00 / 06:20
October 13, 2023
"It's time for another segment of Sustainable Solutions with Julia Gerwe from New Pioneers.  With Halloween creeping up on us, Julia has plenty of ideas on how to be a little more mindful of recycling even while having full trick or treating!"
Julia Gerwe 101123 revised
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Pumpkin Soup and Garnish
October 11, 2023
"This week 10/09-10/13 is KEHA week, Ky Extension Homemakers Associations Week.  Julie Bradford, 1st Vice President Nelson County Extension Homemaker was in to talk about the upcoming 'Soup Day, '  this Friday (10/13)
Julie Bradford 101123
00:00 / 07:51
October 6, 2023
"Samantha Klotz of Nelson County 4H was in the studio to talk about how people can get involved in the entertaining fundraiser, the Bale Trail!"
Samantha Klotz 4H 100623
00:00 / 10:52
Dog Walker at the Park
October 5, 2023
"Shari 'Sookie' Stackhouse was in this morning (Thurs 10/05/23) to update us on all the events on the way for the Nelson County Humane Society ... " 
Shari Stackhouse 100523-revised
00:00 / 11:26
Female Potter Making Mug
October 4, 2023
"Randi Mouser Executive Director of the Bardstown Mainstreet program was in to talk to Heidi about the 42nd Arts and Crafts Festival!"  
Arts and Crafts Randi M 100423
00:00 / 07:58
October 3, 2023

"Here's our October edition of 'Bernheim Time' with Mr Dan.  He talks about their membership drive, the upcoming Fall Plant Sale and the much loved Colorfest Nov 4th.  For more information, just go to Bernheim dot org."

Mr Dan 10032023
00:00 / 11:50
Leaf Pattern Design
September 30, 2023
"Annmarie Lloyd, President of Springfield Washington County Chamber of Commerce, was in to talk about not just how to pronounce it but the events of the Sorghum Festival 2023! "
Sorghum Fest 09292023-1
00:00 / 11:44
Image by artawkrn
September 28, 2023
"Chaplain Ray Johnson, of Hospice of Nelson came in to talk about an up coming GriefCare support class ... "
GriefCare 102023
00:00 / 07:51
September 27,2023
" It's time for the Bardstown Craft Beer Festival!  Johnny Warren with the Stephen Foster Story has all the details ... "
Craft Beer Fest 2023- JW
00:00 / 06:52
Sphere on Spiral Stairs

September 19, 2023

"Steven Portman from the Bardstown Parks and Recreation Department was in to update everyone on new registrations.  Pickleball clinics are still going on as well!"

Stephen Portman 091923
00:00 / 06:08
Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
September 15, 2023
"Shari, from the Nelson County Humane Society updated Heidi on the upcoming yard sale that will benefit the shelter ... "
Shari Shephard 091523-revised
00:00 / 08:53
Abstract Linear Background

September 15, 2023

"Steve Stivers of Making Good Scentz was in this week to talk about expanding his shop and what people could expect!"
Steve Stivers 091423-revised
00:00 / 14:08
September 15, 2023
"This month's Sustainable Solutions with Julia Gerwe of New Pioneers, has information about events throughout the area ... "
Sustainable Solutions 091323-revised
00:00 / 11:27
September 15, 2023
"Randi Mouser of Bardstown Mainstreet and Lisa Stewart of the Bardstown Nelson County Chamber of Commerce talk about the upcoming 3rd Annual Cheers To Bardstown ... "
Randi M w Lisa S 2023 revised
00:00 / 09:41
September 5, 2023
Nobody knows Bernheim Forest like Mr. Dan!  Here's the latest.
Mr Dan 090523
00:00 / 09:55
Sphere on Spiral Stairs
August 24, 2003
"The 29th Annual Buttermilk Days Festival (Thursday 8/24 thru Saturday 8/26) in the 400 Block of South 3rd St in Bardstown.  There's a little something for everybody!"
Buttermilk Days 2023
00:00 / 03:37
August 23, 2023
Heidi's interview with Rick Springfield
Rick Springfield revised 082223
00:00 / 04:43
White Structure
August 10, 2023
 Lauren Dowell updating us on the upcoming events at the New Hope Ballpark
New Hope Ball Park
00:00 / 08:40
August 9, 2023
"Willisburg's own and 2023's International Singer/Songwriter Association (ISSA) Male Silver Vocalist of the Year winner ... Sticktight will be performing for a hometown crowd this weekend. "
Sticktight 080923
00:00 / 07:23
Pink Sugar
August 9, 2003

Sustainable Solutions with the new Director of New Pioneers, Julia Gerwe

Sustainable Solutions 080923
00:00 / 09:28
Parallel Lines
August 8, 2003
It's time for "Today's Bernheim Time with Mr. Dan"
Bernheim Time 080823
00:00 / 08:13
August 7, 2023

Tom Hamilton, talking about the 2nd Annual Guthrie Opportunity Center's Farm to Table event coming up Sat. 19th.  There are a limited amount of tickets, they are $150 per seat but it's for a great cause.
Tom Hamilton-Farm 2 Table 2023
00:00 / 06:51
Leaf Pattern Design
May 11, 2023
Cathy Finwick talked with us about the Toyz For Tots-Bikes For Kidz, 2nd annual horse ride
Cathy Finwick w Lauren NH 051123
00:00 / 07:20
White Structure
May 11, 2023
Lauren Dowell in to talk about upcoming events at the New Hope Ballpark
Lauren Dowell NH - 051123
00:00 / 03:08

May 11, 2023

Jeff Leete with the New Hope Fire Department.  Subject, getting ready for the Crusade for Children broadcast
Jeff Leete NH- 051123
00:00 / 03:46
May 4, 2023
"Here's Shari Stackhouse, Director of the Nelson County Humane Society, talking about upcoming events at the shelter ..."
Shari Stackhouse NCHS 050423
00:00 / 11:20
May 3, 2023
"From the May 2nd edition of "Bernheim Time with Mr Dan!"  Mr Dan said that the Earth Day celebration was a HUGE success."
Bernheim-Mr Dan 050223
00:00 / 07:23

April 28, 2023

"Pamela Williams, with the Nelson County Fair, talked with WOKH briefly this morning about a Community Yardsale going on today (Fri 4/28) and tomorrow (Sat 4/29) ... 

Pamela Williams fleamarket 042823
00:00 / 01:40
Leaf Pattern Design

April 24, 2023

Zach Morgan from KY Chamber of Commerce - Distillers Job Fair

Distilling job fair 042423
00:00 / 03:42

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